Cisco Press: CCNA Video Mentor, 2nd Edition.

CCNA Video Mentor 2nd Edition
By Wendell Odom | Published by Cisco Press
More than four hours of personal, visual instruction
CCNA 640-802 | Wendell Odom, CCIE® No. 1624

CCNA Video Mentor is a unique video product that provides you with more than four hours of personal visual instruction from best-selling author and instructor Wendell Odom. In the 20 videos presented on the DVD, Wendell walks you through common Cisco® router and switch configuration topics. Designed to develop and enhance hands-on skills, each video guides you through essential configuration tasks for both the CCENT and CCNA® certification exams, including router and switch configuration, IP subnetting, RIP, OSPF, and EIGRP configuration, configuring VLANs, IPv6, PAT, PPP and CHAP, and access lists.
Lab Layout:
Each video lab presents suggested reading lists, detailed objectives, lab diagrams, and video captures. Audio instruction throughout offers tips and shortcuts that truly make learning easy.
Network Animation:
Animated network diagrams show you lab setup, device addressing, and how traffic flows through the network.
Command-Line Interface (CLI) Video:
Video screencasts of router and switch CLI demonstrate command entry, configuration techniques, and device response.

System Requirements:
* Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, or Vista
* Apple OS 9 or later
* Linux operating systems that have a web browser with Flash 7 or later plug-in
* Speakers or headphones
* Color display with a minimum 1024×768 resolution
* 1 GHz or faster CPU recommended
* DVD drive
Category: Cisco Certification
Covers: CCNA Exam 640-802.

This product is part of the Cisco Press® Video Mentor Series. The video products in this series present expert training from industry-leading instructors and technologists. This dynamic learning environment combines animations, screencasts, and audio instruction to help users bridge the gap between conceptual knowledge and hands-on application.

Lab 1: Navigating a Router/Switch Command-Line Interface (Video Length: 12:50)
Lab 2: Router Configuration and Managing Configuration Files (Video Length: 12:15)
Lab 3: Switch Basics: Learning, Forwarding/Filtering, and Interface Settings(Video Length: 10:32)
Lab 4: Finding the Subnet Number (Video Length: 6:03)
Lab 5: Finding the Broadcast Address and Range of Addresses in a Subnet(Video Length: 8:44)
Lab 6: Finding All Subnets of a Network with Less Than 8 Subnet Bits (Video Length: 7:15)
Lab 7: IP Subnet Design and Implementation (Video Length: 15:13)
Lab 8: Static and Connected Routes (Video Length: 13:15)
Lab 9: RIP Configuration (Video Length: 13:54)

Lab 1: Configuring VLANs (Video Length: 10:10)
Lab 2: VTP Servers and Clients (Video Length: 15:44)
Lab 3: RIP with Split Horizon, Route Poisoning, and Poison Reverse (Video Length: 12:22)
Lab 4: Single Area and Multi-area OSPF Configuration (Video Length: 18:02)
Lab 5: EIGRP Configuration and Operation (Video Length: 11:33)
Lab 6: Understanding EIGRP Metric Calculations (Video Length: 12:26)
Lab 7: NAT Overload (PAT) (Video Length: 13:27)
Lab 8: IPv6 Subnetting and Address Configuration (Video Length: 18:16)
Lab 9: PPP and CHAP Configuration (Video Length: 12:25)
Lab 10: Access Lists (Video Length: 9:32)
Lab 11: Access Lists II (Video Length: 10:43)


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

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