Easily Ping Multiple Servers At Once

A common tool that network and system admins make use of is the “ping” command which is a very simple and effective way to verify a machine is available on the network (firewall rules depending of course). So if you find yourself having to ping multiple machines at once, a very useful tool is Nirsoft’s PingInfoView.
PingInfoView is a small utility that allows you to easily ping multiple host names and IP addresses, and watch the result in one table. It automatically ping to all hosts every number of seconds that you specify, and displays the number of succeed and failed pings, as well as the average ping time. You can also save the ping result into text/html/xml file, or copy it to the clipboard.
The usage of this tool is self-explanatory, but the functionality is very practical as you can visually see which servers are and are not responding. If you manage multiple servers then this tool sure beats manually pinging each one.

Using PingInfoView

PingInfoView doesn't require any installation process or additional dll files. In order to start using it, simply run the executable file (PingInfoView.exe), type the host names and IP addresses that you want to ping, and click the 'Ok' button to start pinging.

Use IP-Host Description format

When this option is selected, you should specify the IP addresses list in the following format: Main Server Host 01 Host 02
The description of each IP address is automatically added to the description column.

Command-Line Options

/loadfile Load the specified filename that contains host names and/or IP addresses.
/PingTimeout Specifies the ping timeout value, in ms.
/PingEvery <0 | 1> Specifies whether to ping every xx seconds (0 - No, 1 - Yes)
/PingEverySeconds Specifies the number of seconds to wait between the pings.
/IPHostDescFormat <0 | 1> Specifies whether to use the IP-Host Description mode (0 - No, 1 - Yes)

System Requirements

This utility works under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Older versions of Windows are not supported.
Get it From here ::::

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