While studying for the Cisco CCNA certification, I couldn’t find any lab guides out there to get me started. There is a ton of information of course, but not what I was looking for. So after successful completion of my CCNA, I decided to make one for other CCNA aspirants.

Lab Layout

LAB 1 (Basic IOS of Switches + Security)
1a  Configure Basic Password and Hostname
1b  User Authentication
1c  Telnet Password
1d  Configure Banner
1e  SSH Configuration
1f   Switch Static IP address Configuration
1g  Verify the SSH Session
1h  Configure VLAN & assign interface
1g  Port Security

LAB 2 (Basic IOS of Routers + Security)
2a  Configure IP address
2b  Configure Telnet & User Based Authentication
2c  Configure SSH Server
2d  Configure Serial Connectivity
2e  Configure Static Routes
2f   Configure PPP

LAB 3 (VTP and STP)
3a  Configure VTP Server and Clients
3b  Verify VTP
3c  Configure & Verify STP

LAB 4 (Routing Protocols)
4b  OSPF

LAB 5 (Security & Port Mapping)
5a  Name Based Access-List
5b  Static NAT, Dynamic NAT & PAT

LAB 6 (Wide Area Network)
6a  Configure Hub and Spoke

LAB 7 (Inter VLAN Routing)
7a  Configure Inter VLAN Routing.

LAB 8 (Configure IP v6 to IP v4 Tunnel)
8a  Configure EIGRP for IPv4
8b  Create 6 to 4 Tunnel
8c  Configure IPv6 Static Routes

LAB 9 (Secure Device Manager)
9a  How to Install SDM
9b  How to configure SDM
9c  Configure DHCP Server

We'll Start with Lab 1 from tomorrow. So stay tuned.

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