Configure Vmware to work with GNS3.

These are links to videos created by Timw of Timw is a helpful guy on the forums over there and took time to create some videos on configuring VMWare to work with Dynamips/Dynagen & GNS3. In one of the Videos he also teaches you how to setup a simple frame-relay lab.

 Video 1: VMWare Server Network Setup

Setting up a virtual network in VMWare Server for use with Dynamips, Dynagen and GNS3

 Video 2: Frame Relay

How to use GNS3 to setup a Frame relay network using 2 routers and 2 virtual machines running in VMWare Server on a local work station.

 Video 3: VMWare Server Network Setup 2

Shows how to create a virtual network adapter and then connect it to a Virtual machine using VMWare Server. After that it shows how to connect the Network Adapter to a cloud in GNS3.

 Video 4: Saving Configs in GNS3

How to save your router configs in GNS3.

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